About Eliza Grey

Eliza Grey was born in Oxfordshire, in the UK. She has worked in academic publishing, as a trainer and business development consultant, and run her own company. 

She is presently writing her third book. 

Her first book, Some Diamonds Are Blue, is about a diamond that travels from South Africa in 1902. It falls into the hands of a prolific criminal during an artwork heist in 1968. The story was inspired by a blue diamond ring belonging to her grandmother, who claimed it was cursed! 

Her new book, Between Sand And Sky, tackles a young woman’s raw emotions and her disturbing childhood. It is about survival and also realising that time is like sand trickling down an hourglass – in other words, precious. As are the people in it. 

Both books have undertones of supernatural and unexpected plot twists. Eliza likes to surprise her readers with an ending they didn’t quite expect. 

Eliza lives in Emsworth, Hampshire, with her husband and two  daughters.