Grace’s fifth birthday marks the day her innocence is stolen. Sunny days at the beach are forgotten as she battles with confusion, fear, and pain. Grace can never forgive her mother, Kathy, for failing to protect her. Isn’t that what a mother is supposed to do?

At seventeen, Grace leaves St Ives for a new life in Oxford. She crosses a chasm into a scandalous world of sex, power and wealth. She capitalises on her beauty and wits, yet it doesn’t matter what Grace has to sell – everything precious has been stripped from her long ago.

Ten years later, a brutal attack places Grace in a critical condition. As she fights for her life, the last voice she wants to hear is her mother’s. But the truth must be told.

Grace finds herself back on the beach in St Ives. Before the sky yields to darkness, Grace realises nothing is what it seems. Or can ever change back.

"A thrilling read and couldn’t put the book down."
Amazon Review