South Africa, 1902. A rare blue diamond is pressed into the palm of a young prostitute, Pearl, who guards it with her life. Many years ago, her grandmother, a sangoma with second sight, had foretold Pearl’s destiny – a destiny inextricably linked to the diamond. And thus an unstoppable chain of events begins. 

England, 1968. The extraordinary diamond finds its way into Charlie White’s possession during an artwork heist. His instincts tell him there’s more to this jewel than meets his watchful eye. And he is right. He gives it to his beloved Maggie, the latest in a line of women to wear the diamond and feel its underlying power.

Travelling through history and across the globe, the diamond brings with it joy, pain, and heartache. As its destiny draws to a close, we are left in no doubt: some diamonds are blue, and some grandmother’s prophecies are real.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. So very well written. Twists and turns from one continent to another. I couldn't wait to get to the end but I didn't want it to end!"
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