June 2021


My new book, Between Sand And Sky, has now been published! 

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy and – cherry on the cake – sent photos of it arriving through their letterbox! I appreciate your support so much. 

I will be running a special giveaway this month (and into June) to celebrate the new book. No purchase necessary – it is just a little bit of loveliness to hopefully brighten the lucky winner’s day. Details of how to enter coming soon! 

Eliza x  

Some Diamonds Are Blue

South Africa, 1902. A rare blue diamond is pressed into the palm of a young prostitute, Pearl, who guards it with her life. Many years ago, her grandmother, a sangoma with second sight, had foretold Pearl’s destiny – a destiny inextricably linked to the diamond. And thus an unstoppable chain of events begins.

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