Some Diamonds Are Blue – Excerpt From Chapter One

The Infamous Charlie White

    “In the criminal world of the late 1960s, everyone in London knew everyone. The excitement of a fresh arrival on the block was akin to throwing pellets into an overcrowded fishpond. But as the officers accompanied this particular prisoner to his cell, they were greeted with absolute silence.”

“Charlie planned to keep his head down in prison, then slither back to the underworld. His foot had been snared in a trap, but by the time he walked free, the man responsible would no longer be in intensive care; he would be in a morgue. 

In the end Charlie had only been given a light snuck-wrap for grievous bodily harm and would be out in just under two months, if he behaved, which he would. He had the patience of a saint, which he wasn’t.”

A Note From Eliza:

The infamous Charlie White had to be in the very first pages. This “cocky kid with polished shoes and perfectly combed hair” fits the photo image above to perfection. I often find pictures or photo’s for important character’s as it helps me to visualise them. This particular photo is very dear to me. I’ll perhaps explain why in a separate section of my blog! 

When I first received feedback from Some Diamonds Are Blue, everyone had fallen in love with Charlie White. He was dragged up in the brutal and unforgiving era of London in the 1960s. But there is an undeniable rough charm to him. He is the epitome of a rough diamond, which is a deliberate irony.  I’ve often wondered whether his own story would fill an entirely new book?!

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