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The REAL Blue Diamond

How many times have we all heard someone exclaim, “I could write a book!” Of course, it is true; we all have skeletons jangling in cupboards, dark secrets we have frantically buried, and shocking relationships that must be worthy of a bestseller. We’ve all been in love, hurt, happy, and

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Some Diamonds Are Blue – Excerpt From Chapter One

The Infamous Charlie White     “In the criminal world of the late 1960s, everyone in London knew everyone. The excitement of a fresh arrival on the block was akin to throwing pellets into an overcrowded fishpond. But as the officers accompanied this particular prisoner to his cell, they were

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Sobell House – Remembering Mum

“Until such time decided by fate please stay nearby whilst I must wait.” Previous Next Nothing prepares you for your final goodbye None of us wants to think about losing someone we love. I can distinctively recall a long time ago considering whether it would be harder to lose someone

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Blank page! Don’t stare at it…

Do you ever stare dreamily at a blank page (or screen) and ask yourself: where shall I begin? My daughter recently slumped on the chair next to me looking glum and a little bit grumpy. She didn’t know where or how to begin writing her school project. Everyone faces this

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